High performance provision of natural stone, gravel, roads.

Welcome to the GEIGER GROUP


With over 10 company-owned stone quarries in southern Germany and in neighbouring countries, we have comprehensive and high-quality natural stone deposits at our disposal. In this way, we are able to offer our customers a large selection of native natural stone for indoor and outdoor use. In our production works, all the extracted natural stone is inspected according to stringent quality criteria and processed precisely according to your specifications. We are in a position to process our natural stone through professional craftsmanship in the form of facade components or to lay it as flooring.


In our gravel mills, we produce several thousand tonnes of stone products. These are obtained in our company-owned stone quarries through controlled detonations and are prepared using our efficient plant facilities in accordance with the requirements laid down in the technical regulations. The different stone and gravel products are loaded automatically onto several loading lines. A modern and high performance fleet of over 70 company-owned vehicles is available for deliveries. These are controlled via the latest dispatch technology.

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Progressive, economic and innovative road construction, all from one source: our own gravel production, our own asphalt mixing plants, our advanced machinery and our highly-qualified and committed specialists represent guarantees for the on-time and cost-optimised completion of the different road construction projects.

Utilising synergies perfectly – networking strengths

Natural stone, gravel, road. Everything from one partner

The Geiger-Group

As a high performance, innovative and well-funded group of companies featuring around 500 employees, we provide our customers with all products and services concerning natural stone, gravel and roads. All the companies within our group are optimally networked with each other.

Our quality management systems are certified for the following service areas:

  1. The extraction, development, preparation and sale of natural stone and asphalt products
  2. Sand extraction
  3. The production and sale of stone baskets
  4. The manufacture of products made of natural stone for indoor, outdoor and sacral purposes and for gardens and landscape gardening
  5. Demolition waste disposal DK 0.

  1. H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke
  2. Max Balz GmbH & Co. Jura Marmorbrüche Marmorwerk

  1. H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke

icon ROAD
  1. Pusch Bau GmbH & Co. KG
  2. IAM Ingolstädter Asphaltmischwerke
    GmbH & Co. KG für Straßenbaustoffe

Due to our access to numerous, company-owned mineral deposits and all the types of useful stone available across the world, even large-scale requirements can be covered reliably, on-time and from a single source. Due to the merger of our companies, we always have the right specialists for your task and you have one contact.

In the field of road construction, we can supply everything from a single source through our group of companies, from gravel via asphalt, right up to the finished road. The close communications within the Geiger Group guarantee a friction-free, on-time and successful implementation of your projects. With our know-how, we support building-owners and clients to find efficient solutions for the construction process.

High performance, far above standard daily business

Responsibility, sustainability and competence. Always.


Values such as a sense of family, fairness, respect, cohesion and appreciation represent the basis for our success. Both our management and all our employees in all companies belonging to the Geiger Group represent these values. We live them out when dealing with our customers, with our partners and within our Team.

The deployment of our employees in accordance with their respective strengths and competences gives us the motivation to always think and act in a customer-orientated manner according to our values. Here all our employees enjoy the same status within our company, regardless of their training, gender, age, religion and origins.

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Qualified and motivated employees represent the motors for our development and guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. We are particularly proud of the employees who have worked for decades within the group of companies.

We provide all our employees with a pleasant working environment, a modern workplace and a high level of responsibility and independence. In order to fulfil our social responsibilities as employer and in order to make the group of companies future-proof, we focus strongly on the training and further training of young employees and young specialists. To ensure success from the recruitment phase onwards, we work closely with schools, universities and associations and make an appearance at different trade fairs in the region.

The pertinent collective agreements is the basis of the partnership between employees and employers.


In order to leave an intact environment for future generations, we are obligated to the objectives laid down for environmental protection.

We attempt, in close collaboration with the authorities and specialist institutes, to stringently fulfil the requirements laid down for environmental, water, soil and nature conservation protection. For this reason we ensure in particular that our plants are always state of the art in terms of technology, in order to guarantee a climate-friendly production gentle on resources.

Through comprehensive recultivation and renaturation measures, we pay a valuable contribution towards species diversity in active and former extraction sites. We obligate ourselves via our energy management to the consistent improvement of energy efficiency and supply the required resources such as personnel, time and finances for the purpose. For our company, a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production takes highest priority. 

In order to underline the significance of the environmental protection, we have joined the “Umweltpakt Bayern” as the first natural stone extraction company.


With our modern and high performance lorry fleet consisting of over 70 company-owned vehicles, and additional rented vehicles as required, we are in a position to offer complex logistical solutions for very different areas of application.

Our well-trained and service-orientated drivers have in part worked for us for decades. They represent the figureheads for our group of companies.

The computer-supported fleet management guarantees a gapless flow of information on goods movement and permits the cost-optimised use of all the vehicles at our disposal. This is turn facilitates flexible dispatch, whereby even short-notice orders from our customers can be delivered as quickly as possible.


Strong partners and specialists who supplement each other perfectly. Unbeatable as a group.

H. Geiger GmbH Stein- und Schotterwerke -
your high performance partner for natural stone and gravel – since 1929

We are your specialists for the extraction and preparation of stone. In addition to our traditional business in the field of mineral bulk goods, we also produce products for gardens and landscape gardening. The high quality of our products, the optimum consultation and care of our customers and the high performance goods logistics make us the leading provider of natural stone products in the South German region. In addition, we are active in the field of professional disposal of mineral construction rubble and earth.

Service areas:

Bulk goods:

  1. Gravel
  2. Gravel base layers
  3. Frost protection layers
  4. Grits/double-crushed chips/grit mixtures/road chips
  5. Grain mixtures for railway construction
  6. Agricultural lime
  7. Armour stones
  8. Natural sands/crushed sands/sifted sands
  9. Shingle
  10. Asphalt

Gardens and landscape gardening:

  1. Floor slabs
  2. Paving
  3. Wall stones
  4. System masonry/layer masonry
  5. Seat and perimeter stones
  6. Design elements/stairs
  7. Stone baskets (gabions)/screening walls/noise protection walls
  8. Natural stone facing bricks
  9. Lawn gravel/lawn base layers
  10. Special constructions

Natursteinzentrum Freystadt:

  1. Products for gardens and landscape gardening design are sold regionally and cross-regionally and can be viewed and procured directly in our Natursteinzentrum Freystadt


  1. Construction rubble site, Class DK 0
  2. Backfilling of Classes Z 0 and Z 1.1 acc. the Bavarian Key Issues Paper
  3. Certified as disposal specialists
Max Balz GmbH & Co. Jura Marmorbrüche Marmorwerk -
your high performance partner for Jura limestone - since 1888

The company Max Balz, founded in 1888, is the oldest local natural stone plant in the Jura region, situated between Ingolstadt and Nuremburg. Our own high-quality extraction site and plant process blocks of this raw material to create very different products. The focus is placed on the manufacture of facades and solid constructions requiring skilled craftsmanship for sacral construction and the production of exclusive garden and landscape gardening products.

Service areas:

  1. Flooring
  2. Wall claddings
  3. Staircases, windowsills, cover panels
  4. Solid constructions
  5. Wall stones
  6. Seat stones
  7. Natural stone facades
  8. Garden accessories
  9. Sacral work
  10. Special constructions
IAM Ingolstädter Asphaltmischwerke GmbH & Co. KG für Straßenbaustoffe –
your high performance partner for asphalt – since 1981

As a leading member of the German Asphalt Association, we produce asphalts of a high quality in accordance with the valid quality standards at the Ingolstadt location which are constantly monitored and accompanied by our Company Laboratory. In addition, we work with renowned and independent testing institutes in Bavaria in order to guarantee maximum quality for our customers. Due to the modern asphalt mixing plant, equipped with parallel drums, large quantities can be produced and supplied on-time and, if required, thermally insulated, using the company’s own fleet of vehicles.

Service areas:

  1. Base course layers
  2. Binder layers
  3. Cover layers (SMA/AC/PA)
  4. Mastic asphalt
  5. Coloured asphalt
  6. Gravel products
  7. Shingle products
  8. Transfer location and preparation operation for track ballast, milling material and excavated asphalt
  9. Tipping possibility for excavated earth, Category Z 0, wet backfilling acc. The Bavarian Key Issues Paper
Pusch Bau GmbH & Co. KG
Your high performance partner on construction sites – since 1950

Pusch Bau stands for a high level of commitment and years of experience in the field of road construction, underground construction, asphalt construction and landscape gardening and design construction. Thanks to a modern fleet of vehicles and the availability of qualified employees, we are in a position to conduct our orders professionally and on-time. Through the integration into the group of companies, we utilise our own resources for high-quality road construction materials. This reinforces our competitive situation and we are in a position to serve our clients in an economically-viable and inexpensive manner.

Service areas:

  1. Underground construction and road construction
  2. Asphalt construction on motorways, main roads, state roads and district roads
  3. Cycle path and pedestrian path construction
  4. Sewage pipe and pipeline construction
  5. Landscape gardening and design construction
  6. Concrete renovation work